Crazy Eyes Special Effect Contact Lenses

Halloween Contact Lens

Ever wanted to spice up your look for Halloween, or to do something unique for parties? Have you ever considered special effect contact lenses to alter the way other people perceive your eyes, or to add to a great costume? With cheap Halloween contact lenses becoming more common than ever, this year is a great opportunity to do just that.

Contact lenses are simply discs, usually made out of plastic, that stay on your eye with the help of suction from the eyeball and tear fluid that attaches them to the surface. This is why blinking or eye drops often alleviate contact problems. They don’t fall off and follow your eye movements, making them ideal for those with glasses.

Contact lenses are mostly corrective in nature; that is, usually worn by people with glasses. However, not everyone wears them to fix vision problems. There are lenses available to change the color of your eyes or to help you see better during athletic events and for Halloween costumes. The key word to look for when adding to your costume is cosmetic lenses or theatrical lenses. There several popular brands online but do your research. Always consider safety first.

Choosing Costume Contact Lenses

When choosing lenses it is important that you are properly fitted for them by a professional. When you blink, the colored part of the contact lens may slide over your pupil, obscuring sight, a common occurrence that can easily be avoided. It is also important that you obtain a prescription for even decorative lenses, as it is required by the FDA. Also make sure you buy them from credible sources such as online sites that are secure or an optometrist’s office.

One type of popular lens for Halloween is cat eyes, which make the pupil look larger than it really is by covering it in black and surrounding the white of the eye with yellow. Another popular Halloween contact lens is Hypnotica. They have great choices for dressing up as a warlock or witch. It creates a swirl of black and white in your eye that will mesmerize bystanders. If you are going for the cartoon effect, go for knockout lenses, which “replace” your pupil with a black “X”, as often seen in cartoon shows.

Novelty Contact Lenses

Other novelty contact lenses include red eyes, orange eyes, zebra patterns, spider webs, smileys, and stars. All of these are great choices to match with a variety of costumes. Just make sure the party you are attending isn’t held in pitch-black conditions!

If you simply want to change the color of your eye to match your costume, tamer options are available. These lenses are also colored, but only so much as to change your eye color to other normal colors. There are several options with these: visibility tints, enhancement tints, and color tints.

All provide a different level of change, and will show differently. For example, if you naturally have brown eyes but would like to really stand out, changing your eyes to violet or green will make everyone notice.

As with all contact lens choices, even if you do not have vision problems, it is important to see an optometrist and explore your options, as well as seek advice about various colors of lenses that will work best for you. If you choose to wear lenses with your costume this Halloween, don’t share them with anyone and keep them clean, so you don’t wind up with an eye infection or worse!

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