Easy Halloween Costumes For Guys

We are days away from Spooktober and its festivities. Halloween brings the chance for people to bring out their fun side. If you’re tired of your same ol’ boring routine then spice up things this Halloween. Whether you have been planning your costume weeks ago or just want to leave it for the last-minute, this post has got you covered.

Here are 5 easy and little effort Halloween costumes for all the last minute guys out there. You can choose the one that suits your personality the most. Or depending on the clothing items you already have for the costume. If not, then you can check out our Halloween costume reviews on our shop page for more ideas.

Johnny Bravo costume

All you need is a black t-shirt, your favorite pair of jeans, and some black sun glasses. The Johnny Bravo costume is the perfect last-minute look for guys, especially those with a good physique. But even if you don’t work out, you can get your corny pickup lines loaded to be like the beloved cartoon character. This is a classic guys costume.

Salt Bae

Another outfit you can pull off with the existing clothes in your wardrobe. Just wear sunglasses, a white T-shirt with black jeans and belt. Salt Bae is quite a meme sensation and it would make for a great Halloween costume. You can hold a steak board and sprinkle some salt on it.  You’ll be sure to have great fun with this easy costume idea.

Pumpkin Man

Who doesn’t love to use pumpkins as decor for Halloween? What if you could just wear a carved pumpkin on your head and call it a day? It would look great in an all black outfit such as a black sweater or turtleneck with black pants. Remember, the season is all about having a great time with a touch of spookiness. Check out this pumpkin costume.

Dustin from Stranger Things

If you are a Stranger Things fan, you can create this costume which is as easy as getting a shirt and hat. You can buy the thinking hat like Dustin’s. Get the color blocked sublimated shirt with the undershirt. You can get the hellfire club shirt for the added touch to your costume.

Game Of Twister Costume

If you are a single man and want all the ladies to flock to you, then a Twister costume is all you need. You can easily create it by taking a white basic tee and putting blue, green, and yellow circles on it. You can put the red circle on the crotch area of your pants. It makes for a super funny costume and you will get brownie points for being the party jokester. Checkout this twister t-shirt.

At least you have some options. So be sure to consider one of these easy costume ideas if you want to put as little effort as you can into your costume. For more ideas you check out our Halloween costume reviews from our shop page that has a variety of ideas. We hope you find the best costume for Halloween night! Be sure to click lots of pictures and have the time of your life.

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